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Do you manage more than one department within your facility? Or have different locations? Our latest feature that will help ease the work of managing separate facilities. With a single log-in, you can toggle multiple calendars so you can easily keep track of everything you need all in one place. Want to add multiple calendars to your account? Contact your account manager today.

call2test now meets all of the recommendations in the new Drug Court Best Practices

call2test is compliant with the NADCP Best Practice Standards for random drug and alcohol testing. It is recommended to use a 2/7 daily testing probability on drug court clients to get the best results. This reduces missed and dirty tests, and increases recidivism. 2/7 probability means your clients have a 2 out of 7 chance at testing every day of the week. This leaves the client truly unable to know when and if they are done testing for the week. You can set minimum amount of tests per week on top of the testing probability to create an ideal random testing schedule.

From the NADCP Best Practices manual 2015

Drug and alcohol testing is most effective when performed on a random basis (ASAM, 2013; ASAM, 2010; Auerbach, 2007; Carver, 2004; Cary, 2011; Harrell & Kleiman, 2002; McIntire et al., 2007). If participants know in advance when they will be tested, they can adjust the timing of their usage or take other countermeasures, such as excessive fluid consumption, to defraud the tests (McIntire & Lessenger, 2007). Random drug testing elicits significantly higher percentages of positive tests than prescheduled testing, suggesting that many participants can evade detection if they have advance notice about when testing will occur (Harrison, 1997).
Random testing means the odds of being tested are the same on any given day of the week, including weekends and holidays. For example, if a participant is scheduled to be drug tested two times per week, then the odds of being tested should be two in seven (28%) on every day of the week. For this reason, Drug Courts should not schedule their testing regimens in seven-day or weekly blocks, which is a common practice. Assume, for example, that a participant is randomly selected for drug testing on Monday and Wednesday of a given week. If testing is scheduled in weekly blocks, then the odds of that same participant being selected again for testing on Thursday will be zero. In behavioral terms, this is referred to as a respite from detection, which can lead to increased drug or alcohol use owing to the absence of negative consequences (Marlowe & Wong, 2008).
The odds of being tested for drugs and alcohol should be the same on weekends and holidays as on any other day of the week (Marlowe, 2012). Weekends and holidays are high-risk times for drug and alcohol use (Kirby et al., 1995; Marlatt & Gordon, 1985). Providing a respite from detection during high-risk times reduces the randomness of testing and undermines the central aims of a drug-testing program (ASAM, 2013).

NADCP 2014

We hope to see all our friends and customers at this years NADCP show in Anaheim, CA. Look for the call2test booth and say hello. Any one of our customers that brings a friend and signs up for a demo will receive a free gift. See you soon in Anaheim!

call2test: An Introduction

Did you know that over 1.4 million Americans were arrested for driving under the influence in 2010? And over 4.8 million people in the country were on probation or parole in 2011?vilesThe majority of organizations will manage their offenders with outdated or overly-complicated systems. Typically, it’s nothing more than a spreadsheet and an answering machine. For current systems to work, an employee must record a new daily voice message based on a randomly created cycle. This means many wasted hours with no guarantee of randomization.

So how does call2test differ? Once you’ve entered an offender into the web-based system, call2test will handle the rest. Simply provide the offender with a telephone number and their randomly generated call-in PIN. They’ll hear an automated voice system letting them know they’re due to report. It’s that easy.Concerned about privacy? call2test only requires a first name or anonymous ID number of your choosing.Have many groups to manage? No problem. You can group offenders by location, testing center, type offense, or any other criteria that you find necessary. You can excuse a group for holidays and closures, or even excuse an individual offender as needed.call2test makes managing offenders easy for overworked and underfunded municipalities and eliminates the guesswork. And because it’s web-based, there’s no need to worry about upgrades.Want to know more? Visit our FAQ and Features Tour sections or contact us today for a 60 day free trial.
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