Keep in touch with your participants

The ConnectComply app installs on your participant’s smart phone (Android or iOS). They can then use the app to find out when they need to test and exchange messages with their case manager, all through our HIPAA compliant platform.

Location tracking with biometric verification

For only a fraction of the cost of a bulky, outdated GPS ankle monitor, ConnectComply provides the locations of your participants to your case managers every time they check in. Want additional check ins? Your case managers can request the location for their participants at any time.

Easy to use

You can get started with ConnectComply in just a few minutes! Management happens through our intuitive, easy to learn web-based platform.

An affordable monitoring and communication solution

With pricing starting at under $100/mo for up to 10 participants, and as low as $5 per participant for courts with over 1,000 participants, ConnectComply is a perfect fit for courts of all sizes.

Works with your existing case management software

ConnectComply and Call2test are already integrated with the most popular case management software solutions, and we provide full APIs for integration with any custom system.

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