Participant Accountability and Monitoring in the Palm of Your Hand

From daily check-ins and secure messaging, to easy, streamlined scheduling, our mobile app is the missing link.

Daily Check-ins

It’s as easy as taking a selfie.

Available for Android or iOS, the ConnectComply mobile app allows participants to quickly learn if they are due for a drug or alcohol test that day. By taking a selfie with the ConnectComply app, they satisfy their daily test check-in obligation.

The ConnectComply app automatically uploads the selfie image, including the date and time the photo was taken plus geolocation data for that phone. In return, the person is given a message informing them if they are due for a drug or alcohol test that day.

Check Ins


A whole new approach to ankle monitors

ComplyBand™ features include 24/7 real-time location tracking with tamper detection, one-year battery life, a waterproof design, and a size that’s 97% smaller than a traditional GPS monitor.  And ComplyBand™ starts at just $49 device + $1/day monitoring—a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Secure Two-Way Messaging

Contacting participants has never been more secure.

Our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform lets you send text messages back and forth with participants directly from our web interface. These messages are immutable, so they can’t be altered or deleted once sent.

Two-Way Messaging

Schedule Management

On-demand checks and scheduled location verification.

With on-demand checks, you can send a check-in request directly through the mobile app at any time.

Set a schedule for when participants should be at work, at AA, at home, etc.  Then, require check-ins and be notified if they aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

Schedule Management