Is call2test easy to set up?
Yes! It takes under 60 seconds to add an offender and configure randomized testing. Our staff is available to assist you with setting up for the first time and provide training. However, most of our customers have found it’s so easy and straightforward they can set it up by themselves.

Can the system be used for other applications other than random drug and alcohol testing?
Yes, you can use call2test for any application where randomized notifications is required. Using our software for managing probation is just one of the many ways customers are utilizing the call2test platform.

Why hasn’t anyone done this in the past?
Recent innovations in technology and IP telephony allow us to offer this service at an affordable cost for small and mid-sized drug courts, third-party administrators, and probation and parole departments.

Why is this better than just using an answering machine?
For many reasons! Our system works on an individual-offender basis, rather than on a color coded system. This mean you can individually target offenders for testing or excuse them for testing. Our system provides full reporting functionality, letting you know when your offenders forget to call, call in late, and their telephone number.

Can your randomization be compromised?
It’s not likely. Unlike the commonly used, but non-compliant methods, such as color systems or spreadsheet-based random number generators, call2test uses  a sophisticated and complex randomization algorithm. Mersenne Twister, our randomization algorithm, far exceeds industry standards, and even the standards of diehard statistical tests.

Will I be billed for inactive offenders in my system?
No. You will only be charged for the active clients in your system each month.

Is call2test HIPAA Compliant?
Yes. call2test requires no personal identifiable information to operate. Many of our clients privatize offender information by utilizing unique user IDs, rather than first or last names. When adding new clients, you’ll have the option to provide either a name or unique user ID for managing offenders. Call-In PINs are randomly assigned for your convenience. Health or medical records are not stored on our system.

Is call2test secure?
call2test takes pride in employing next generation 2048-bit SSL data encryption and storage methods that exceeds both bank and military standards.

Is a free trial available?
Yes. Contact us today using the Contact Us button, for a free, no-obligation, 30-day trial. There’s no credit card required, no upfront costs and no contracts. You can cancel at any time.