See how easy it is to add and schedule a new donor.

Using our simple web interface, you can add and schedule a new donor in under a minute.

Streamline your process with email notifications.

Call2test will send immediate email notifications for no call donors.

Customize for different test types.

One test type doesn’t fit all, that’s why you can easily add custom drug and alcohol test types to the system.

Select and customize your time window, too.

With Call2test you can easily set up testing windows to match your already existing system.

View a donor’s testing history anytime.

See up to 8 months of a donor’s history or the last 14 testing days at a glance.

Change a donor’s settings, including common pin and account activity.

Call2test makes it easy to update and manage a donor’s information anytime, anywhere.

Easily organize donors by group and add donor’s to new groups.

Donor groups can be used to manage multiple testing locations or agencies.

Using testing profiles to further randomize donor testing.

Set the number of tests per month, and the number of days to occur between them.