We were paying a lot more money for a less efficient system prior to using Call2Test. We are now able to add more offenders and are currently looking to collaborate with another agency in order to double the amount of offenders we have on Call2Test.

The customer service we receive from their staff has allowed us to navigate through the system and become compliant with Ohio Supreme Court certification standards which require random, frequent, and observed testing. Color pool systems are not compliant with standards required of drug court and mental health courts.

Tamara B.

My life has been made much easier since switching to Call2test. Within 2 days of using it, the system paid for itself. It saves on the extra costs of staffing and the need to answer calls. The platform is very easy to setup. I’m not very tech savvy and was able to get it figured out within 10 minutes. If there was any feature of the service that I’d tout, it’s the true randomness it offers and does it all automatically. We can even use this service with our probation department.

Shannon V., County Administrator

We have found that the price point is definitely worth it. It allows me much greater flexibility for managing and monitoring the testing systems. One of the coolest features is the email notifications that don’t require me to log-on to keep an eye on things. We have a small staff and program size, but it really helps us automate our testing program and is a very convenient tool. Call2test is crucial to our ability to provide random daily alcohol and drug testing services every day of the week. Before using Call2test, we were like most in our field, we had to personally change the voicemail every morning. It automates all of that including the test randomization. The quick donor setup makes my job much more efficient and allows me to spend my time on more valuable duties.

Anne C., Third Party Administrator

We are a small TPA and found Call2test’s system to be very easy to use. Once the information is entered, it does all the work for you. This system performs true randomization, which for us is very hard to do by hand and is the best testing method possible. It is also very easy to make changes or updates. Personally, I have love the fact that we don’t have to make or leave testing messages any longer. Based on what we pay per month, the payback is very short and beneficial for us to use.

Kathy A., County Drug Court Coordinator

I tell everyone that I will probably quit my job if I have to go back to logging calls myself. I can’t believe I did that for so long. It didn’t take me long to get spoiled with your product.

Ken T., Drug Court Coordinator